Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So Much For That R12

So Much For That R12
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I'm told my severely strained hamstring will heal enough so that I'll be able to ride again sometime in December. Whether that means I'll be able to ride 200K or more at a stretch remains an open question. It doesn't feel THAT bad. Except, of course, when I try to walk without dragging my left foot behind me like Marty Feldman in "Young Frankenstein."

It didn't help when the doctor said "This is the kind of injury that keeps a ball player out for the season." At least he didn't say career-ending. . . .

The REALLY depressing thing? I can't even claim a spectacular bike crash as the cause. Nope, just sheer over-enthusiasm during the "rapid repeat lunge" sequence in gym class . . . .


quel-fromage said...

That sucks!

On the bright side, it happened in November and not May.

But wah!

beth h said...

SO bummed for you!
Lay in a supply of old movies, rest up and heal quick!
Cheers --Beth

Cecil Anne said...

Rest? What means this word, "rest"?