Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Open Letter to the Good People at Showers Pass

This is me:
Can We Go Now?????

These are my friends, Lynne and Jason:
Helmet Cover, Shmelmet Cover

This is my friend, Rickey:
Ready for Rain

We ride.

A lot.

Thousands of miles a year.

And we do it in Oregon, which means that many of those miles are in the rain.

Consequently, we have a vested interest (pun intended) in seeking out the most effective cycling rain gear.

As you can see, we have all concluded that the Showers Pass Elite jacket is the best item on the market, and have further concluded that no one who rides in the Pacific Northwest should be without one.

Which brings me to my dilemma.

This is TRFKAF.
TRFKAF is ready to ride

TRFKAF is my riding buddy. Where I go, he goes. He's not the greatest stoker, but he keeps me company. Sadly, TRFKAF does not have a rain jacket, so he gets very wet and cold. He would love to have a Showers Pass jacket of his very own, but has been unable to find one in a size extra-extra-extra-extra-small.

So, dear Showers Pass people, this is our query - what are the chances of you coming up with a line of rain gear for rider's mascots? Inquiring rabbits want to know.

Because until then, it's the ignominy of the New York Times bag . . .


bikelovejones said...

If SP doesn't respond to your request, call me. I'm sitting on a pile of leftover [gulp!] Burley fabric and I'm sure that we can create something for The Bunny if needed.

Did I mention that I can sew?

Cecil Anne said...

Apparently the folks at SP are actually pondering the potential - but if that doesn't pan out, i would love it if you could help waterproof TRFKAF (I hear there's also a certain little pink bear in Chez Fitszimmons that could use a rain coat)

bikelovejones said...

(Lots of stuffed animals getting in bike mileage here. Do I smell a trend?)

Let's get together soon so I can take TRFKAF's (huh??) measurements and cobble together a pattern that can be completed before Snoozeville. It won't be as chic as what SP makes -- you'll have to seal your own seams -- but it'd be something. Little Bunny will also want a helmet cover, yes?

Personally, I would like it if SP also extended their sizing range for the Elite jacket to fit larger women with shoulders, boobs and hips. To be told that a woman of my size and shape would likely fit an XL in ANYthing, especially womens' cycling garb, is, well, a little weird. I'm cool with it personally, I guess; but I sure don't want to be the one to give a customer that news.