Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain, I bite my thumb at thee . . . .

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Yesterday was the Oregon Randonneurs 2009 Season Opener, the annual Snooseville Populaire. It poured rain and howled wind, but I had a good time nonetheless. Adding in my 38-mile round trip ride to the start, and I ended up with an even 100 miles for the day. Okay, 100.03 miles, to be precise . . .

Next up, the Seattle club's "Chili Feed 200K." I am hoping for better weather than last year.


lynnef said...

amazing what dry feet will do for your mood :-)

Kevin said...

my feet were about the only thing I managed to keep dry!

Weather like that builds character, or so they tell me. :-O

Cecil Anne said...

No kidding!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cecil Anne,
Have a good time on the Chili Feed 200K. Sorry I will miss it this year. Driving my daughter back to Pullman (yes, WSU.) Here's hoping for better weather than last year for sure!

BTW, I read your 2008 Chili Feed ride report just now for the first time. Brought back some good memories. Thank you. And thank you, too, for your kind words. I've been following your and Lynne's adventures this last year. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

Cheers, Gene in Tacoma.

P.S. I'm guessing the Steve Davis and Peg W. (smile) will be at the ride. Say hi for me.

Vincent Muoneke said...

See you all on Saturday
Add snow and that was our populaire