Friday, June 22, 2007

Proof That I Am Not Crazy

I would never do this: I would never try to ride a single-speed bicycle from the California coast to Atlantic City, New Jersey in less than 295 hours. I (most probably) wouldn't even try it on a 10-speed. But then again, I am not John Spurgeon. John is from Oregon and is a member of the same randonneuring club as I am - but I never see him on the rides because he is one of the "fast boys."

Today, he finished the Race Across America with a time of 290 hours, 11 minutes.

I am not worthy.

You can read more about it here:

I was gratified to learn that, in the end, he gave up on all those weird bike geek things like Hammer Gel and Perpetuem and relied on good 'ol food as fuel. Okay, crappy American fast food like McDonald's and Burger King, but at least it was something you CHEW.

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quel-fromage said...

Just because he's crazy-er . . .

I do really admire someone who abstains from all of those horrible "performance" foods. Seriously, if the reward for riding all those miles isn't a scoop of ice cream, why bother?