Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wastelands and Wetlands

Today Lynne came over to my side of the river for a ride. Sort of like the country mouse cyclist comes to the big city, she said, after I nearly gave her a heart attack with an abrupt turn through a bicycle pass-through she didn't realize existed . . .

Anyway, we got a late start because we wanted to let the temps rise high enough so that black ice wouldn't be a problem. Little did we realize that the temps weren't likely to rise much at all. . . Right when Lynne was about to leave her house for mine, it started snowing.

Spidey Snow

I called her:

"Um, Lynne - it's snowing at my house."

"Yeah, it's snowing at my house, too!"

"I still want to ride."

"I still want to ride, too!"

45 minutes later, my doorbell rang, and there she was, in one of her second-warmest jerseys. A Hanukkah present, I believe. Pink, of course.

And we were off.

I am still not ready to ride up "real" hills, so I chose another of the flattest routes I could find. This one wound through North Portland to a multi-use path called The Peninsula Crossing Trail.

The Peninsula Crossing Trail

It links Willamette and Columbia Boulevards, and then continues on past Columbia Boulevard to some really interesting wetlands, and finally to the Smith & Bybee Lakes wetlands.

Smith Lake

From there, we rode along Marine Drive to Kelly Point Park, the westernmost part of the City of Portland, which is at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

A bit deranged . . .

Lynne Contemplates the Confluence

From Kelly Point Park, we rode through an industrial wasteland characterized by freight shipping terminals, back through North Portland and then through the Alameda district (Stately Mansions "R" Us) to Hollywood.

We stopped for hot cocoa and grilled cheese at the Daily Market,

The Daily Market and Cafe

and then we went searching for the Hollywood Max stop so Lynne could get back over the hill to home. It turned out to be all of about 6 blocks from the cafe. By this time it had started sprinkling again, so it was a good time to end the ride and head home!

After a hot bath and a hot cup of tea, I was thawed out enough to make dinner - Roasted Butternut Squash Soup from the Vegan With A Vengeance Cookbook, and whole wheat "no knead" bread.



beth h said...

Next time you two wanna ride Smith & Bybee, please lemme know. I'd LOVE to join you.
Glad to hear your more up and about!
happy riding --bh

Cecil Anne said...

For sure!