Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Li'l HW Jr.'s First Brevet

Wilson River Highway

HW was two weeks old last weekend, and it was time for her to hit the road for her first brevet - a 300 kilometer jaunt to the coast and back, by way of the Wilson River Highway, Tillamook, the Three Capes, Pacific City and the back roads of Yamhill and Washington Counties.

The brevet was originally scheduled for April 19, but the weather was uncooperative. On our rescheduled date of April 26, the weather was spectacular. Although it was only 33 degrees when we started out at 6 AM, it quickly warmed up and by the time we reached Tillamook at about 10, it was 70 degrees. The temperature stayed right around that mark until the sun went down, at which point it started to drop, but not much.

I started the day hoping to complete the 300 km in 15 hours. And for the first 10 hours, I was on target. But my energy level, which had been low all day, took a nosedive at about 6 PM, and I ended up not getting in until 10:27 - 16 hours and 27 minutes after I started. But I had a great day, nevertheless. I rode for quite some time with Tomas, one of my "contacts" whom I had not yet met in person, and also with my friends Sal, Lesli, Sara, and Peg. Plus, I got to go to my favorite bakery in Pacific City, where I partook of a delicious apricot scone . . . .
Apricot Cream Cheese Scone

Not to mention the chance to commune with friendly farm animals
Friendly Llama

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