Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meet the New Boss


Jim said...

Mrrrowww... it's pretty. I love the wooden fenders!

Michael said...

Oooh! Look at the shiny!

quel-fromage said...

Most assuredly unlike the old boss, except that both are bicycles.

Ooh, aaah! She's lovely! Love the front rack and pack, and the headlight is too darned cool.

I see you couldn't take the time to write about her--what was the first ride? How was it?

Also, have you picked a name?

Cecil Anne said...

I've only ridden her around the block a few times - I've been sick, and riding has been contra-indicated . . . I am going for the first "real" ride Saturday 4/12.

Her name is The Heliotrope Wonder (Jr.). The "Jr." is because this is the second iteration of the frame . . .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new bike. She's beautiful.

At the risk of over-geeking, can you post an entry running through her specs?

I'd love to get a sense of why you chose the components you did.

I'm particularly interested in your choice of wheel sizes. Are those 650b, and what width?

Did you go with 650 because of the frame size? Or for other reasons?

The lights look great. How do you like them? And the generator hub, how much drag do you notice with the lights on/off?

Todd Waddell

Cecil Anne said...

For Todd and all the other bike geeks out there, here are HW Jr.'s specs:

Wheels: 700c Mavic CXP33 rims - 32 hole (strength and durability on potential rough rides), right now with 28mm tires (Grand Bois Cerf, to be precise,but I may switch over to Ruffy Tuffies)

Drive train and shifters all Campy -

Centaur 68x111mm bottom bracket
170 crankset w/ 30-42-53 triple and 10-speed 12-25 Chorus cassette (I like to climb hills, but I don't like to hurt myself doing it)
Chorus QS 10s ergopower shifters

Tektro R556 Long Reach Road Calipers
Salsa Poco handlebar
Richey Pro stem
Thomson seat post
Chris King no-thread headset (drilled for bell)

SON generator hub w/ Lumotec Oval (halogen) primary and Schmidt E6 (halogen) secondary - I love the lights and there's no drag at all with lights off, imperceptible drag with lights on (I say "imperceptible drag" because the experts tell me it's there, but I haven't noticed it)

Curb weight - less than a Smart car, but not much :-)