Thursday, May 15, 2008

Run Run Run

Some people never learn. And by "some people" I mean, of course, myself. Last year at this time I signed up for a 5K fundraising run and almost crippled myself training for it. Once the run was over, I swore I'd never do something that foolish again.

Yeah. Well.

Here's the thing. The 5K run is for a really good cause. The purpose is to raise money to help fund Portland's St. Andrew Legal Clinic. The clinic provides much-needed legal services for families who would otherwise have to navigate the difficult waters of Oregon domestic relations law without assistance.

Here's the other thing. Judging by my fund-raising results last year, people will PAY to see (or at least learn about) me hurt myself. Yes, it's true, the possibility that I might permanently injure myself encouraged a LOT of people to donate a LOT of money. Now, they all swore, of course, that seeing me in pain was NOT the reason they sponsored me, but I am pretty sure that at least some of them had their fingers crossed behind their back when they said that.

Which leads me to my point. Members of the Oregon State Bar Leadership College have put together a team to run in this years race on June 21. As a 2008 "Fellow" (or "feller," as I prefer to put it), I kind of sort of let myself get talked into doing the run again. Clearly I need to up my meds . . .

So here's your chance. You too can encourage me in my foolishness, and support a truly good cause at the same time. it's a win-win. To sponsor me on-line, follow this here link

Click on the "Sponsor a participant in the Race for Justice" radio button, and enter my name "Cecil Reniche-Smith" in the box. Click "Continue" and follow the payment instructions. Thank you for your support!

(And, yes, I know that I don't HAVE to RUN the 5K. If you know me at all, however, you will also know that when everyone else starts running I will feel the need to beat at least some of them to the finish line. Call it a sickness.)


lynnef said...

did you keep your shoes?

Cecil Anne said...

Yeah - for some reason no one wanted to buy them :-)

Chuck B. said...

I'm in for a gift. I've always been fascinated by selective insanity. Good luck, and "May the Source Be With You"