Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Cramp of the Cerebral Variety

The other day I sent my husband an e-mail, asking if he would mind if I did a 300 kilometer ride on our 9th wedding anniversary. Fortunately for the prospects of having a 10th anniversary, I realized the folly of such a query as soon as I hit "Send." (Yes, it perhaps would have been better if I had realized it BEFORE I hit "Send," but I am not in THAT much control of my obsession). Anyway, I immediately followed up with a "What was I thinking, never mind . . ." e-mail. He seemed to accept that I was momentarily insane.

Where's the snow???

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beth h said...

Liz and I have been married only five years. I learned immediately not to inquire about scheduling anything on our anniversary other than our anniversary. Especially heartbreaking because some of the very best organized bike rides of the summer *always* get scheduled the third weekend of August.

(I KNEW we shoulda had a January wedding...!)

; )