Friday, June 13, 2008

Racing for Justice

The St. Andrew Legal Clinic "Race for Justice" is two weeks from tomorrow, and I am only halfway to my fundraising goal of $1,000. I have been training hard - -well, as hard as I can train, given that it seems as if I have spent every non-working waking hour for the last month on my bicycle -- and I am confident that I can get through the race with only minor permanent injuries. There's still time to sponsor me in this foolish attempt to support a very worthy cause - CLICK HERE, and and when the donation page pops up choose the radio button next to 'Sponsor a participant" (the second choice). There's a box next to the button in which you can fill in my name as the runner that you are sponsoring - "Cecil" is enough, there are no other Cecils running in the race . . .

Thanks for your support!

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