Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Year in Review

I was going to do some sort of elaborate cross-referencing post in which I discuss all my various rides with links back to the original posts, and insert representative photos to pique readers' curiosity, but then I decided that would take too long and I've still got to cook our beans and greens for New Year's luck, and the links to all my earlier posts are right there to your left - so, instead, I offer a dry perusal of statistics . . .

Miles ridden: 7,621
Single-day rides over 100 miles: 23
Single-day rides over 200 miles: 5
Randonneuring Awards: R-12, Super Randonneur, 5000 K Distance

Miles ridden in less-than-optimum conditions: most of them . . . .


Kevin said...

You are my inspiration Cecil Anne!
You rode more miles than this sorry excuse of a bike rider. You rode almost twice as many rides over 100 miles, 5 times as many over 200!

Everytime I am struggling to keep the wheels moving I'll remember that Cecil is out there out cycling me!

Happy new year girl!


Cecil Anne said...

Not only that, but you had at least 5 times as many flats as I did!

(although by saying that I have probably angered the Flat Tire Gods, and will soon have my share of rubber trouble)

jason said...

Excusez-moi, madame, mais nous parlerais "super randonNEUSE", n'est-ce pas?

Cecil Anne said...

Mais oui, Jason!