Saturday, March 29, 2008

Still Waiting, But I Hope Not in Vain . . .

Well, the countdown to the new Sweetpea continues. Apparently, there was some miscommunication with the painters, and they had not yet started their work on it at they time we thought that they had. Natalie was very sweet to be grumpy with them on my behalf! Anyhoo, it now looks like Li'l HW Jr. will be back in town sometime next week, and Dean at Bike Central has apparently been lined up for the "build" on April 7. In theory, that should give me plenty of time to shake out any kinks (and stretch out any cables) before the OrRandoThree Capes 300 on April 19. I am thinking it would be appropriate to hold a Tour de Patisseries the weekend before, including, of course, a stop at the Sweetpea vegan bakery


beth h said...

Oooh! Oooh! VERY exciting!
Dean builds simply *beautiful* wheels.
You've got a lucky frameset there.
You've got to christen it with something.
Maybe champagne?
Or how about coffee, if you're looking for accuracy?

Lesli L said...

Hey. Let me know how the build-up with Dean goes. I was in Bike Central on Saturday and spoke with him about bike fitting services (I had mentioned Michael Sylvester). He noted that he also does fitting sessions. Wondering if that might be a more practical, low budget option... Will Dean be fitting you to your bike or will that work be done by Sweetpea.

Cecil Anne said...

Hey Beth -definitely some sort of coffee and pastry christening is in order - I'll keep everyone posted.

Lesli - Natalie works with Michael S. for fittings both before and after building the frame - I had a long session last February where MIchael did all the measuring and range of motion tests, and then she worked with him to come up with the frame specs, then once the bike is back and built I will have another session to fine-tune the fit

Lesli L said...

I think I'm going to try to get in with Michael (if he ever finds a free appointment time). Riv fits nicely but I'm a few fine hair adjustments away from total comfort--especially in terms of cleat placement and saddle height/position. Good to know Michael works with randonneurs--and not just aero-tuck racing types.