Friday, September 19, 2008

A Few Sandwiches Short of a Picnic

In just an hour or so I will be heading out for The Dalles for a 600K that starts at 6:00 AM tomorrow. My bike is cleaned, my bags are packed with everything I need, or think I might need, but yet still I am sitting here perseverating over my readiness.

I know I can do this. I have already done one 600 this year, and finished with a whole hour to spare. But in talking with my friend Andrew about this ride, he kept going on and on about how all the riders he was with on another 600 this year "traveled light," and how that was the key to completing the ride within the time limit. My friend David has offered to help me get faster and he, too, suggests that one way is to lighten up.

Faster is always good, of course, but I could not travel light if I tried. First of all, there's the bike. It's heavy. Mainly because I designed it that way. It has certain features that I consider important for comfort, but those same features practically guarantee decreased speed. A steel frame, saddle with springs, heavy (i.e. puncture-proof) tires, generator hub. Add on a front bag filled with real food in case services are scarce and a rear bag filled with tools, tire tubes, rain gear, spare batteries, an extra pair of shorts and socks, and a back-up light, and I am nearing the curb weight of a Smart Car.

But like I said, I know I can do this. I carried this much gear on the last 600, and finished. I can finish this one, too. Even if it takes me all 40 hours to do it. I just need to be harder, better, faster and stronger . . . .


JKramer said...

Asperger syndrome and perseveration aside, why do you feel such a strong need to go fast? If that's what you want to do and it makes you happy then great! Otherwise there are many other things to value and appreciate in return for the investment of your weekend. Like photography, friendship, scenery, enjoyment, contemplation and Daft Punk animation. Just saying...its up to you.

Arleigh said...

thank you for posting up links to product you use! I've been bugging a couple folks, but it greatly helps us newbies!

quel-fromage said...

I just said to Theresa, "Cecil is crazy!" preparing to tell her about your 2nd 600k in one year. Her response: "Is she going on Dancing With the Stars?"


How'd it go?

Cecil Anne said...

John - I should have been more clear - my concern is not about going faster just for the sake of being fast - it's about being fast enough to take those pictures, enjoy that scenery, eat real food in real cafes, and still finish within the alloted time!

Arleigh - I am glad you are getting good tips from the links - that's why they are there!

Lisa - let's just say it went (see the next post )